Школа англійської Дарії Дзюби

Автор: Дарія Дзюба

Впишіть артикль "a" або "an" біля слів. Якщо Ви не впевнені, з якого звуку починається слово, перевірте його транскрипцію у словнику.
1. It is honour for me to be present here.
2. She has bought amazing book, which tells about actress who dates extremely old man for his money.
3. I don't think he's honest man. In addition to that, he's very unfriendly person.
4. It's been nice day so far. So, we decided to have picnic in our backyard.
5. He found hair in his soup. It was very disappointing experience.
6. embarassing thing happened to me the other day. I was waiting for friend at bus stop when suddenly car drove by and splashed me with water from ditch.
7. I can't say I'm early riser. I'm rather night owl but I have to wake up at early hour.
8. It took me hour to get to the station. Fortunately, it took me only minute to find my train on the schedule. After few of minutes I was on the platform waiting for the train.
9. Before being accepted to the university, I need to take internal exam. In case I pass the exam, I will be invited to interview where they will take final decision.
10. She decided to enroll in English course. She thought it would be good idea to brush up her knowledge of English as she expected it would help her to land good job.