Школа англійської Дарії Дзюби

Автор: Дарія Дзюба

Впишіть артикль "a" або "an" біля слів. Якщо Ви не впевнені, з якого звуку починається слово, перевірте його транскрипцію у словнику.
1. I ran across interesting article in one of my favourite newspapers. The article told about family, which decided to spend their holiday on island with few tourists around. I thought to myself that it would be absolutely amazing idea to have the same kind of holiday myself. After all, I love swimming and lying in the sun but I hate lying on crowded beach. So, I called travel agency and booked tour to remote Thai island.
2. As soon as I brought my new laptop home, I realised that I didn't know how to create email account. I wasn't that familiar with the Internet as I had never owned laptop or PC. Fortunately, I had friend who knew how to help me with the problem and few hours later I had brand new account!
3. It's acquired taste, I should say. I didn't like poutine when I first tried it. It seemed to be very greasy meal. However, after eating it for couple of times, I realised that it wasn't that bad.
4. She desperately needed to consult doctor because she had unknown disease which made her feel weak. Finally, she found someone who could help and during hospital stay she recovered completely. She was no longer in depressed mood and could enjoy her life to the full.
5. I wanted to buy elegant dress and pair of suede shoes for a Christmas party at my office. Fortunately, they cost me only few dollars as they were all on sale. colleague of mine, who couldn't find minute to drop by the shop where I got all the stuff, missed the sale and got her party clothes at their regular price.
6. I was looking for hotel where I was going to stay on my next business trip. It had to have convenient location and it had to be at affordable price. I needed single room with an attached bathroom, Internet connection and 24-hour room service. In addition, there had to be restaurant with early breakfast served. Unfortunately, I was heading to small town and it was hard to find such hotel there.
7. Her boyfriend became indispensable person in her life. She loved going for long walk with him every Sunday, running in the park in the morning or grabbing cup of coffee at lunchtime whenever he was free. When somebody told her he had bought diamond ring, she realized that she was as important for him as he was for her. After all, no one buys diamond ring if he isn't going to make proposal. So, she started looking for wedding dress and for venue for their future wedding. When he called her and said they needed to have chat, she imagined she knew what he was going to tell her. What she heard changed her life forever. Her boyfriend was going to get married... to very close friend of hers!
8. European country was told to be suffering from financial crisis. If it wasn't able to solve its problems in year's time, it was threatened to be excluded from the EU. unexpectedly strong reaction followed the claim. wave of strikes and riots hit the country and led to heavy confrontation between the country's government and its people.
9. It's been hectic day. One of those days when you've got ton of tasks and you don't know how to prioritise them. So, I had to call hundred places, meet thousand people and send great deal of emails. When the day was over, I headed to cafe to grab drink after unbearably long day at work.
10. I bought picture at auction. I was very disappointed when I learnt that it was forgery. art expert admitted that it was great copy. I wasn't happy to hear that since it still was only copy and not original of the painting by Picasso, which I paid a fortune for. It was just expensive copy of great artist, which hangs in my living room reminding me that I should never buy any paitings at auction again.