Школа англійської Дарії Дзюби

Автор: Дарія Дзюба

Біля слів впишіть артикль "a", "an", "the" або "x", якщо артикль взагалі не потрібен.
1. I have never read novels but novel I am reading now is very interesting.
2. She saw beautiful dress in a shop yesterday. She is going to buy dress today.
3. My brother has presented me tablet PC for my birthday. tablet is awesome and I just love it!
4. When I was walking in the park yesterday, I saw squirrel. squirrel was very funny and I gave it a few peanuts.
5. I am going to take coffee. coffee in this coffee shop is delicious.
6. She has new boss. boss is a very nice person, she thinks.
7. I am going to buy car next weekend. car should be comfortable and economical.
8. My friends talked to me about new company they want to open. company will produce footwear.
9. I believe sport is good for you. I play sport every day and it helps me keep fit.
10. I found phone in the street. phone was brand new.
11. Would you like to drink juice or water? juice is in the fridge, water is on the table.
12. They have just bought new house. house has two floors and a very big backyard.
13. He bought poker set. He is going to use set at parties.
14. David is listening to new song. He has never heard song and is enjoying it very much.
15. You can get some cheese in the fridge. If cheese is not in the fridge, then it is on the table.