Школа англійської Дарії Дзюби

Автор: Дарія Дзюба

Біля слів впишіть артикль "a", "an", "the" або "x", якщо артикль взагалі не потрібен.
1. We went on excursion around New York. excursion was short but exciting.
2. I got Xbox as present for my son. He was delighted to get present.
3. She is going to record new song. song will be about love as usual, I think.
4. There were three windows in the room and only one was open. We had to close window because it was very cold in there.
5. They opened new restaurant in our town. My friends told me they liked restaurant a lot.
6. He took out wallet and was going to pay for his coffee. wallet slipped out of his hands and fell on the floor.
7. We saw cat in the street. cat was chasing a mouse and was running without paying attention to the others.
8. Why don't you send her text message? We will know what to do next when she replies text.
9. My brother was going to apply for new job with that company but I do not know if he got job yet.
10. I bought postcard to give it to my friend. When I arrived to his place, I realized that I had lost card on my way.
11. They have been saving up money for years to buy new house but money which they had was only enough to buy flat.
12. We stayed in fantastic hotel on our last vacation. hotel was large and it was located in the city centre.
13. I was going to meet friend in coffee shop in my neighbourhood. Unfortunately, I was terribly late when I finally found coffee shop.
14. He was trying to catch taxi when he saw guy running with flat-screen TV in his hands across the street. A few minutes later he saw guy in a police car.
15. Did you see my black jeans anywhere? Yesterday I put jeans on the chair and I don't see them there.