Школа англійської Дарії Дзюби

Автор: Дарія Дзюба

Впишіть "have/has".
1. He done his homework.
2. They been to the USA.
3. Mark sent me an email.
4. Julia drunk all the juice.
5. We bought a new sofa.
6. He watched that movie before.
7. Don't water the flowers. I watered them before.
8. She already got you a present.
9. Jack and Sally just run 20 km.
10. He starred in 2 movies.
11. My husband got a promotion.
12. He gone shopping.
13. My friends just finished work.
14. I made you some coffee.
15. They decorated the room.
16. I'm sorry but I read the book before.
17. We already had breakfast.
18. I hope she taken her umbrella.
19. My cousin riden a horse.
20. Fred worked here for 2 years.