Школа англійської Дарії Дзюби

Автор: Дарія Дзюба

Перепишіть речення, використовуючи скорочення дієслів. Наприклад:
He has drunk his cola. - He's drunk his cola.
They have not done it. - They haven't done it.
1. He has swum all morning.
2. They have not been there before.
3. She has paid for our lunch.
4. It has not snowed that much.
5. My friend has been out all night.
6. We have invited our colleagues to play pool.
7. She has called him 5 times.
8. Her relatives have not arrived yet.
9. They have ordered something delicious.
10. He has not recognized her.
11. I have never worn that suit before.
12. The cat has broken the vase.
13. We have not watched TV tonight.
14. Frank's wife has visited New York.
15. I have driven my car today.
16. Steve has been busy.
17. You have not read this book before.
18. Amanda has spilt coffee on her blouse.
19. We have already spoken to our boss.
20. He has not taken his metro pass with him.