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Топік (тема) з англійської мови: Мій улюблений предмет у школі
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My favourite subject at school (Мій улюблений предмет у школі)

Автор: Тетяна Франковська

You will rarely hear from a typical teenager that he or she likes to study. Almost all of them complain that learning is not interesting andтопік з англійської мови boring. They say that teachers are not qualified and cannot conduct a lesson to make it cognitive and exciting. But I think that all the subjects at school are useful and help us to expand our outlook.
I am a humanitarian. It means that I am not interested in such subjects as Maths, Chemistry or Physics. I like lessons where you have to deal with an art of words. I like literature and languages.
My favourite subject at school is foreign literature. When I was a child, I used to read a lot of children’s books: fairy-tales, legends, myths etc. I still have a habit of reading. Wherever I go, I have a book in my bag. I think while reading you can forget all your troubles and you involve yourself in the magnificent and unpredictable world of literature. You can observe lives of characters as though you are the best friends. You laugh with them, suffer with them, cry with them or rejoice with them.
When I have some problems with understanding some passages of the book, my teacher of foreign literature is always ready to help me. I adore these lessons. During these classes pupils are taught to understand the main topic and idea of a book. Mostly we learn theory but this theory helps to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of that or another book.
Our teacher organised a drama club where we perform episodes from different books. You can play a role of your favourite heroine and to experience all the situations on your own. It’s really great. Once we had a real full-house when we staged an abstract from “Evgeniy Onegin”. I played the role of Olga Onegina, the main heroine’s sister.
I was so excited with this book and not only with that one but with lots of others that I decided to continue my further studies in Literature. My teacher of foreign literature inspired me and I decided to follow in her steps.

Список слів до топіку на тему «Мій улюблений предмет у школі» ("My favourite subject at school") англійською мовою:

rarely - рідко
typical - звичайний
to complain - жалітися
cognitive - пізнавальний
exciting - захоплюючий
useful - корисний
to expand outlook – розширювати світогляд
humanitarian mind – гуманітарний склад розуму
an art of words – мистецтво слова
fairy-tale - казка
myth - міф
habit - звичка
magnificent - дивовижний
unpredictable - непередбачуваний
to observe - спостерігати
to rejoice - радіти
passage - уривок
• to adore - обожнювати
to evaluate - оцінювати
advantage - перевага
disadvantage - недолік
• to experience - пережити
full-house – аншлаг
to stage – ставити на сцені
to inspire - надихати
to follow in her steps – наслідувати її

Граматика, яка буде корисною для топіку «Мій улюблений предмет у школі» ("My favourite subject at school") англійською мовою: Present Simple, дієслово "to be" у Present Simple. Ви можете почитати необхідні теми з англійської граматики за цим посиланням.

Ці питання стануть Вам у нагоді, якщо Ви захочете самі скласти топік (тему) з англійської мови на тему «Мій улюблений предмет у школі» (“My favourite subject at school”):

1. What is your favourite subject?
2. Why do you like it?
3. What do you usually do during this lesson?
4. Do you like the teacher of your favorite subject?
5. Would you like to connect your further career with your favourite subject?

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