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Топік (тема) з англійської мови: Моя школа
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My school (Моя школа)

Автор: Тетяна Франковська

Almost every teenager tells that he/she hates his/her school; that he/she would like to burn it down or to blow it up.Топік з англійської моя школа
But it is not about me. I like my school very much and I go to school with great pleasure and with a smiling face. I like my teachers and classmates. But let’s talk about it in details.
My school is located in the centre of my town. I live far from it and I have to go there by bus every morning.
In front of the school you can find a lot of trees, bushes and flowerbeds. Behind the school there is a playground and a football pitch. The building of my school has four floors: one of them is underground. There is a cloakroom on this floor where schoolchildren can leave their jackets and coats. Also there is a workshop for boys and a craft classroom for girls.
On the ground floor there is a gym and two locker rooms: for boys and for girls. Also there you can find an office of a school nurse. This floor is equipped for primary pupils. Sometimes it is even impossible to move through this floor because small children are all around you running and jumping like insects. But nevertheless at least once or twice a day you have to be on this floor. There are WCs and a school canteen there.
On the first floor there is a headmaster’s office and a teacher’s room. Also there are different classrooms for junior and senior pupils on this floor.
On the second floor you can find our school library and a museum of our school. In our library you can get any book you want. Our librarian is very friendly and is always ready to help you. In our museum you’ll be told about the foundation of the school and the people who made it prosperous. Almost all the classrooms are supplied with modern equipment. Almost every week we have some kind of activities: contests, exhibitions, sports competitions, concerts, scientific conferences etc.
My school is one of the best in my town. Many pupils of my school are famous not only in our country but also abroad. I am glad that I am a pupil of this very school and I am really proud of this fact.

Список слів до топіку на тему «Моя школа» ("My school") англійською мовою:

burn down – спалювати
blow up – підривати
flowerbed – квіткова клумба
playground – гральна площадка
football pitch – футбольна площадка
cloakroom – гардероб
workshop – майстерня
craft classroom – кабінет рукоділля
gym – спортзал
locker room – роздягальня
school nurse – шкільна медсестра
primary pupils – учні начальних класів
insects – комахи
school canteen – шкільна столова
headmaster – директор школи
rest-room for teachers – вчительська
junior pupils – учні середньої школи
senior pupils – учні випускних класів
library – бібліотека
librarian – бібліотекар
prosperous – процвітаючий
supplied – оснащений
modern equipment – сучасне обладнання
contest – змагання
exhibition – виставка
scientific conference – наукова конференція

Граматика, яка буде корисною для топіку «Моя школа» ("My school") англійською мовою: Present Simple. Ви можете почитати необхідні теми з англійської граматики за цим посиланням.

Ці питання стануть Вам у нагоді, якщо Ви захочете самі скласти топік (тему) з англійської мови на тему «Моя школа» (“My school”):

1. Where’s your school located?
2. How does your school look?
3. How many floors are there in your school and what is located on them?
4. How do the classrooms of the school look?
5. What can you tell about the school gym and the school canteen.
6. What is your attitude to the school?

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