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Топік (тема) з англійської мови: Моє рідне місто
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My home town (Моє рідне місто)

Автор: Тетяна Франковська

Школа англійської Дарії ДзюбиI was born in a small town where my granny lived. But a few years later my parents decided to move to another place because they got jobs there. So, now I live in a wonderful town of Kamenets-Podolskyi, which is located in Khmelnitsky region and is very famous among Ukrainians. The population of the town is approximately 120,000 inhabitants.
The town is divided into several parts but the main division may be as follows: the new town and the old town. All the historical monuments, memorials and museums are concentrated in the old town where you can meet tourists from all over the world. Different concerts and international festivals are held here. However, the main tourist attraction is the large fortress, which, according to the historical records, was founded in the 11th century as a defensive fort by Cossacks. This fortress has become a great tourist attraction of my town.Школа англійської Дарії Дзюби
The new part of the town is quite modern and busy. The streets are full of people; the roads are full of cars as in any other town or city. It is the place where you can easily find lots of cafes, restaurants and hotels.
In general, the town is highly industrially developed. There are a lot of plants and factories. At the same time it is a student town due to many educational establishments and schools. In addition, if you like to do outdoor activities or relax in the nature, there are a lot of parks and gardens, which, by the way, make the town look green and fresh. I am sure that people of ages can find what to do in Kamenets-Podilskyi because there is a lot of entertainment there, which varies from disco clubs and cinemas to art galleries and libraries.
This is the town of contrasts where the past is tightly connected with the present. I am really glad that I am its citizen.

Список слів до топіку на тему «Моє рідне місто» (“My home town ”) англійською мовою:

decide – вирішувати
move - переселятися
wonderful – чудовий
be located - знаходитись
population - населення
approximately - приблизно
inhabitant - мешканець
divide into – розділяти на
several parts – декілька частин
historical monument – історична пам’ятка
memorial - меморіал
museum - музей
concentrate - зосереджуватися
tourist attraction –туристична пам’ятка
fortress - фортеця
according to – згідно з
historical records – історичні записи
defensive fort – захисний форт
surround - оточувати
modern - сучасний
busy – діловий
highly developed – добре розвинутий
plants - заводи
factories -фабрики
educational establishments –заклади освіти
outdoor activities – заходи на свіжому повітрі
relax in the nature – відпочивати на природі
entertainment – розваги
disco club - дискотека
cinema - кінотеатр
art gallery – галерея мистецтв
library - бібліотека
citizen - мешканець

Граматика, яка буде корисною для топіку «Моє рідне місто» (“My home town ”) англійською мовою: Present Simple, there is/ there are. Ви можете почитати необхідні теми з англійської граматики за цим посиланням.

Ці питання стануть Вам у нагоді, якщо Ви захочете самі скласти топік (тему) з англійської мови на тему «Моє рідне місто» (“My home town ”):

1. Where do you live?
2. What do you know about your town?
3. What is the history of your town?
4. What parts is your town divided in?
5. What is there in the city center?
6. Do you like your town?

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Школа англійської Дарії Дзюби


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