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Топік (тема) з англійської мови: Мій найкращий друг

My best friend (Мій найкращий друг)

Автор: Тетяна Франковська

I am an ordinary teenager aged 16 and like any other person I have friends. I have a lot of friends and I spend almost all my time with them.топіки з англійської мови But there is only one person who knows and understands me best of all. This only person I can call my best friend.
Her name is Helen. She is one year older than me. We have known each other since I was 5 and she was 6. Our first meeting started with a quarrel for a doll. And exactly at that moment we understood that there is something much more important than a doll. It was our friendship.
As small kids, we spent all the time together playing, walking, and talking. And now when we are teenagers we have less time to spend together because we study in different places. She is a student at a technical school and she studies to become a secretary. Nevertheless we try to phone each other and to share our news every spare minute. Also we like to spend the nights together. But we do not sleep, we gossip and chat the whole night. I think that all girls do the same.
Helen doesn’t like to study at all. Her marks at school sometimes could be better. Although I am one year younger than she is, I sometimes help her with her home tasks. She is interested in absolutely other things: fashion, clothes and boys.
Helen is very pretty. She is slim and not very tall. She has blond long wavy hair and blue eyes. She is very attractive and she always attracts young boys with the help of her charming smile and glamorous appearance. She likes trendy clothes and she wears a lot of jewelry. She likes boys. She has already had several boyfriends but she didn’t treat them seriously. I don’t consider her to be careless I just think she wants to live life to the hilt.
Sometimes I think that we are too different and do not understand what connects us. But I am sure that these differences make our friendship stronger. At least I can’t imagine my life without Helen. I really hope that we will stay best friends till the rest of our lives no matter what happens.

Список слів до топіку на тему «Мій найкращий друг» ("My best friend") англійською мовою:
an ordinary teenager – звичайний підліток
a technical school – училище
nevertheless – незважаючи на
spare minute – вільна хвилинка
to share – ділитися
to gossip – пліткувати
to attract – приваблювати
charming smile – чарівна посмішка
glamorous appearance – гламурна зовнішність
jewelry – прикраси
to treat smb. seriously – ставитись до чогось серйозно
to consider – вважати
careless – легковажний
to live life to the hilt – жити повноцінним життям

Граматика, яка буде корисною для топіку «Мій найкращий друг» ("My best friend") англійською мовою: Present Simple, дієслово "to be" у Present Simple. Ви можете почитати необхідні теми з англійської граматики за цим посиланням.

Ці питання стануть Вам у нагоді, якщо Ви захочете самі скласти топік (тему) з англійської мови на тему «Мій найкращий друг» (“My best friend”):
1. When did you meet your friend?
2. What is your friend’s name?
3. How old is your friend?
4. How does your friend look like?
5. How does your friend like to spend his free time?
6. Why do you like your friend?

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