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Топик (тема) по английскому языку: Мои последние летние каникулы

My last summer holidays (Мои последние летние каникулы)

Автор: Татьяна Франковская

After the last bell at school, I had to continue to go to school to do some work. We helped our teacher to repair our classroom. We went on different excursions: to the botanical garden, to the history museums and galleries.
After my practice finished, the real summer holidays started. I slept till midday, I didn’t spend my time on studies, but I did spend a lot of time in front of my computer and I did everything I couldn’t do during the school year. Everything looked like a usual holiday to me, but I didn’t know then that I was going to have the best holiday in my life.
Школа английского Дарьи ДзюбыOne day my father came home and said that in July we would go to Egypt. It was fantastic! I had never been abroad before and it was a real shock for me. I was looking forward to this day and finally it came. So, on the 14th of July we packed our suitcases and went to Kiev so that we could fly to Sharm-el-Sheikh from Borispol airport in Kiev.
It was the first time when I travelled by plane and I thought it would be really scary. But the flight was smooth and comfortable. It took us 4 hours to flight from Kiev to Sharm-el-Sheikh.
The moment we arrived I knew that I loved the place. Our hotel was very modern and beautiful and the room we had to live in had a sea view. In addition to the Red Sea, we could swim in an enormous swimming-pool in front of the hotel. Leaving our luggage unpacked, we rushed to the sea. It was really great! The sea was very warm, clean and full of different fish and seaweeds.
Since it was a seaside holiday, we swam and sunbathed, then swam and sunbathed again. In a few days we went on excursion to Cairo to see the pyramids. I even couldn’t imagine that they were so huge! The Sphinx was enormously giant and absolutely gorgeous. Also we didn’t want to lose a chance to visit Israel as this country borders on Egypt. In Israel we visited very famous places, which were mentioned in the Bible. It was very interesting and instructive.Школа английского Дарьи Дзюбы
But unfortunately all good comes to an end sooner or later. We had to come back to Ukraine, but I had a lot of impressions to share with my friends and a lot of souvenirs to present them.
I spent the rest of summer at my Granny’s. She lives in a small but marvelous town and I like to spend my holidays there. I have a lot of friends there too. We went to the lake where we swam, sunbathed and played volleyball. Also we went to the forest and picked mushrooms. We had picnics and garage parties. It was very funny.
One day I had to go home and to start my studies again. I am looking forward to the next summer and hope that it wouldn’t be less exciting than the previous one.

Список слов к топику на тему «Мои последние летние каникулы» (“My last summer holidays”) на английском языке:

• the last bell at school – последний звонок
• botanical garden – ботанический сад
• history museums – исторический музей
• gallery - галерея
• abroad – заграница
• look forward to – с нетерпением ждать чего-то
• pack suitcases – паковать чемоданы
• travel by plane – путешествовать на самолете
• smooth - плавный
• have a sea view – иметь вид на море
• enormous - огромный
• swimming-pool - бассейн
• luggage - багаж
• rush - ринуться
• seaweeds - водоросли
• sunbathe - загорать
• huge – огромный
• enormously giant – чрезвычайно большой
• gorgeous - великолепный
• border on – граничить с
• instructive - познавательный
• all good comes to an end sooner or later – все хорошее когда-нибудь заканчивается
• impressions – впечатления
• to share – делиться
• souvenirs - сувениры
• marvelous - чудесный
• exciting - захватывающий
• previous – предыдущий

Грамматика, которая будет полезной для топика «Мои последние летние каникулы» (“My last summer holidays”) на английском языке: Past Simple, Present Perfect, Past Simple. Вы можете почитать необходимые темы по английской грамматике по этой ссылке.

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1. When did you have your holiday?
2. Where did you spend it?
3. Who did you spend it with?
4. What did you do there?
5. What impressions did you have after your summer holidays?
6. Were you glad to go back to school?

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