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Топік (тема) з англійської мови: Про мене

About myself (Про мене)

Автор: Тетяна Франковська

Hi there. My name is Tatiana and I want to tell you about myself. To start with I would like to admit that it is not an easy thing to talk aboutпро мене myself because it is really hard to have a look at yourself from aside and to see your disadvantages. But on the other hand, who knows you better than you yourself do?
So, I am a girl of 16. I live in Kamianets-Podilskyi. This is not a very big but  interesting town in Khmelnitsky region. I live in a three-roomed flat in a big block of flats together with my parents. I am not the only child in my family. I have an elder sister. Her name is Lyudmila. She is 25 years old and she lives separately in Kyiv. My parents are very kind and honest people. They are both 50 years old. My mother is a librarian at school and my father is a taxi-driver. They are simple, hard-working people and they always tried to bring me and my sister up in a very good way. I hope that we equalled their hopes.
I am a school girl. But this is my last year at school. This year I am finishing school and going to enter the university. I am a very sociable and easy-going person. So, that’s why I have a lot of friends at school and as I live far from my school I have friends in my yard. I like to spend my free time with them. Sometimes we go for a walk and sometimes at the weekends we go to a disco club.
I am very active. I like to be on the move every minute. After school I visit classes of classical dances. I also tried to learn to play the piano but I didn’t have enough time and I decided to choose dancing. You understand that boys prefer girls with chiseled figure to piano-players.

So, as you have already understood I am not very tall but rather slender. My friends say that I am pretty enough and I believe them. I have long fair hair. My eyes are green and I have a mouth bow. What I don’t like is my nose. It is a bit bulbous but it doesn’t spoil my face.
I must confess that I am a little bit lazy and stubborn. I don’t like to clean my room and my mom always makes me to wash the dishes. That’s why sometimes there is a little mess in my room. Also I don’t like to waste my time on studies. Fortunately, I am smart enough and it doesn’t take me much time to get ready for the classes. I read a lot and know a lot. It helps me to get rid of bad marks even when I am not prepared for the lessons in a proper way. You may think that I am boasting but I am just telling you the truth. And you, guys, judge for yourselves.
I am said to be kind and generous. I always help those who are in need and always give a hand when my friends need anything: money, a piece of advice or a sincere conversation.  
As all teenagers I like music and movies. I like pop music and adore romantic melodramas. I like to travel, especially in summer. Several times I traveled abroad with my parents and I always try to see new places in my native country together with my friends.
So, I think that’s all for now. I tried to do my best to tell you about myself as much as possible. And I suppose you won't misunderstand me.

Список слів до топіку на тему «Про себе» ("About myself") англійською мовою:

to admit – відмічати
a look at yourself from aside – дивитися на себе збоку
disadvantages – недоліки
block of flats – багатоквартирний будинок
to bring up – виховувати
to equal the hopes – виправдовувати надії
easy-going – легкий на підйом
chiseled figure – виточена фігура
slender - струнка
a mouth bow – губи бантиком
bulbous nose – ніс картоплею
to spoil – псувати
to confess – зізнаватися
stubborn – впертий
mess – безлад
to waste my time – впусту витрачати час
it doesn’t take me much time – забирає в мене дуже багато часу
to get rid – позбавлятися
to boast – хвалитися
those who are in need – ті, хто у нужді
sincere conversation – відверта розмова
to adore – обожнювати

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4. Are you the only child or you have sisters or brothers?
5. What are your parents?
6. What can you tell about yourself as a schoolchild?
7. What can you tell about your friends?
8. What do you like doing in your free time?

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