Dariia Dziuba's English Language School

Topic: Accessories
Author: Dariia Dziuba

Read the descriptions and type in the word/words. Then press the "Check" button. If you have a trouble guessing the word, click on "Hint".
1. It protects you from the rain.
2. You wear these when you want to keep your feet warm.
3. It can be made of leather, fabrics or some other materials. It is used for carrying your things around.
4. You can keep money in it. and
5. An elastic piece of clothes that covers the foot and lower part of the leg.
6. You wear it around your neck to keep warm.
7. It's used to keep your keys on it.
8. A flexible band worn around the waist.
9. These are worn in sunny days to protect the eyes from bright sunlight.
10. It tells you the time.
11. This elastic piece of clothes covers the feet and legs completely.
12. This piece of clothing is worn on your head in any kind of weather, but mostly when it's cold or sunny.
13. It's a flat kind of a hat.
14. You can tie a pony tail using this hair accessory.
15. This piece of jewellery is worn around the neck.