Dariia Dziuba's English Language School

Topic: Accessories
Author: Dariia Dziuba

Fill in the gaps. Then press the "Check" button. If you have a trouble guessing the word, click on "Hint".
1. Every time I imagine an artist, I imagine a person wearing a around the neck and a on the head.
2. He's dreaming of buying a cowboy boots and a cowboy because he thinks it will look cool on him.
3. My broke in the storm. The wind was very strong.
4. He used to keep all his money in the .
5. My phone's ringing. Wait a second until I find it in my .
6. She prefers wearing to in cold weather because the first cover her legs completely.
7. You know, I never wear a with my jeans.
8. My hands are so cold. I need to put on .
9. It's very convenient to keep your keys on a . That way you will never lose them.
10. Every time I go to the gym I wear a to keep the hair out of my eyes.
11. I love your . It looks good on your ponytail.
12. I guess he needs to buy a new cause his is always showing the wrong time.