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This Mother's Day give the gift of time and silence (Brandie Weikle, The Star, 05/05/16)
The source: https://www.thestar.com/life/parent/2016/05/05/this-mothers-day-give-the-gift-of-time-and-silence.html
Given we usually only have time to triage housecleaning in short bursts before company arrives, or perhaps to tackle the worst of the bathroom-sink grime while Junior takes a bath, we’d love the opportunity to look around our homes and see everything clean at once. Get us a gift certificate from Aspen Clean, an eco-friendly service that uses only its own line of non-toxic, 100 per cent-chemical-free cleaning products, which are safe for children and pets.
Is it so bad that we’d like an afternoon to put our feet up and watch Shameless or Unreal? Sign us up for Shomi or Neflix. Add a bag of salted caramel popcorn from Boom Chick Pop and we’re all yours. If you handle bedtime. Maybe.
We know it’s a cliché to say that women want to go to the spa, but women want to go to the spa. Our muscles have grown weary from standing with a toddler on the hip or laptop bag on our shoulder. Book us into Toronto favourite Body Blitz — now with two full-service locations — so we can unwind in the pools of the spa’s legendarily restorative water circuit, then get a therapeutic massage.
Yeah, we’re often found overseeing the construction of a papier maché volcano or a handmade card for Grandma, but did it occur to you we might like to create our own work of art? Because we used to enjoy that sort of thing back when we had time to enjoy things. That’s why you may want to consider signing us up for Paint Nite (slogan: “Drink creatively”) where we’ll go with a girlfriend or several for an art lesson and cocktail.
We’re kind-hearted souls, so we’d love it if you’d acknowledge us with Unicef Survival Gift such as the Protect Expectant Mothers gift that provides 20 pregnant women with prenatal healthcare and vitamins, or the New Mother Pack of 24 HIV tests and 24 tetanus vaccines. This also makes a great gift for the mother-in-law who has everything.