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Title: Beaches (National Geographic, The 10 Best of Everything)
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1. Seychelles
One of the most photographed beaches in the world, the pale pink sands of Anse Source d’Argent unfurls across the island of La Digue, one of the 115 components of this archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The sands sparkle against a backdrop of towering granite boulders, . The turquoise water is by a reef.

2. Maldives
Whether your dream beach trip consists of spending a few swimming among tropical fish some 80 feet (24 meters) underwater, the Maldives are the sort of islands where either—or both—can come true. Straddling the equator southwest of Sri Lanka, the 1,102 islands that make up the Maldives form 26 atolls. The soft air enveloping the archipelago blends into a beautiful palm-fringed haze.

3. Bora Bora, Tahiti
This is that make up French Polynesia in the South Pacific. Just 18 miles (29 kilometers) long, of land lies in a protected lagoon edged by white sandy shores, the best being at Matira Point. Bora Bora boasts the nickname the “Romantic Island,” a moniker easy to appreciate with its .

4. The Hamptons, New York
One of the hip spots for the air-kissing, well-heeled set, the Hamptons boast some of the prettiest beaches on Long Island. begins around Southampton and runs east to the end of the island at Montauk. Windswept dunes and .

5. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii
Half a mile of sparkling sand, palm trees , lush tropical plants, and endless sunshine make Lanikai one of Hawaii’s most scenic beaches. The shore is protected by a nearby coral reef, which . The water is always deep green and postcard-perfect.

A. one of the magical
B. isolated beaches, intimate hotels, and quiet atmosphere
C. waving grasses border the Atlantic Ocean.
D. keeps the surf relatively calm
E. relatively shallow and protected from the ocean’s waves
F. there’s plenty of sand to use for sunbathing
G. pampered nights in a four-star resort or
H. With beautiful secluded beaches, fine French cuisine
I. The unspoiled shoreline
J. swaying over a white beach
K. worn by time and weather
L. this lush little slip